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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: License question
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2004 01:36:24 GMT
Dave Brondsema wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> I am preparing the htmlArea plugin for committing to SVN (can be used 
>> to edit the new WD Forrest 1.0 document :-))
>> I have a question about legal stuff:
>> It uses htmlArea, which is available under a BSD style license (fill 
>> license text below). I assume that I cannot commit the source code to 
>> SVN, so what I have done is zipped it up and created a build target 
>> for use when installing plugins. In this case the target unzips the 
>> zip when installing.
>> Note, I also have the license stored as a text file alongside the zip.
>> Is this sufficient to fulfill the legal needs of the ASF?
> The policy (AFAIK) with respect to using organization's Jar files is as 
> follows:
> * we don't want to distribute anything that is not "compatible" with 
> AL2.  So we can include jar files that are owned by other people and 
> under the AL2, BSD and MIT family, or public domain.  LGPL does not 
> qualify.

Yes. The key is that the license cannot impose
restrictions that go beyond the Apache License AL2.

BSD is fine.

> * this ownership needs to be recognized in a NOTICE file
> * the license they use should accompany the .jar file in our repository

My understanding is that an entry goes in the
NOTICE.txt only if their license specifically
resuests that such notice be made.

> I do not know how this applies to source code.  Generally we only 
> include source that has been explicitly contributed to the ASF.

We can ship it as source code if we want, as long as
we adhere to their license conditions.

On the first 'svn commit' please be very specific
which version of their library was used.

Apache Cocoon contains the source code of "htmlarea"
They have the license.txt beside the htmlarea source code.
They also have a copy in the "legal" directory. There is
no entry in their NOTICE.txt or CREDITS.txt files.

> more help can be gotten from 
> and licensing@a.o

It is good to ask specific questions there.
That will help to clarify the situations for everyone.
However, the primary responsibility is with our PMC
and we should be able to determine most cases.
If there is any doubt then ask licensing@a.o


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