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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: generating the changes.xml from svn
Date Sat, 20 Nov 2004 14:47:10 GMT
[cross posted to Forrest-dev]

Gregor J. Rothfuss wrote:
> Gregor J. Rothfuss wrote:
>> thanks to stefano, i learned about svn log -v --xml
>> this results in a 3MB file that has all the commit logs since lenya 
>> cvs was started (january 2002). we can easily generate the forrest 
>> changes.xml out of it. i'll take a shot at the necessary xsl.
>> for the future, this means we need to make an extra effort to have 
>> meaningful commit messages and atomic commits (to avoid duplicate 
>> messages about the same change).
> ok,

This is cool and very good timing too because I just committed a logs 
plugin to Forrest. This plugin embeds log files (currently only J2SE 
Java logs) in a Forrest published site.

The problem I see with generating changes.xml from svn logs is that the 
svn logs are too fine grained and often have multiple commits for the 
same/similar things (guidelines are all very well but it will still 
happen). There is certainly value in this level of detail for developers 
but for a changelog aimed at users when a release is made I think that 
there is an overwhelming amount of detail.

So I have a suggestion:

Status.xml remains as it is, manually maintained and used for user 
focussed changelogs (in the future we could have a token in the commit 
message indicate that the log entry is intended to be included in 
changes.html, but that is for later).

Your stylesheet goes into the Forrest logs plugin and is used to 
generate a developer focussed changelog with links to the SVN diffs and 
all the cool stuff you have.

Moving the stylesheet into a Forrest plugin will increase the number of 
projects using this and should result in many improvments such as those 
you suggest.

I will move your stylesheet over to the Forrest plugin for you are OK 
with me doing that.


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