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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: errors with text-output plugin
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 01:40:30 GMT
Diwaker Gupta wrote:
> After most recent svn update, I get errors like these:
> X [0]                                     projects/index.txt   
> BROKEN: /home/diwaker/shared/forrest/site/content/xdocs/projects/linkmap-index.xml
> (No such file or directory)

Not sure about that one, that's Ricks baby :-)

> Also, it seems the build.xml file for plugins also has a problem.
> There's a definition:
>   <property name="plugin.dir" value="${plugin-name}"/>
> early on in build.xml, but the plugin-name property is not defined
> until much later (eg, in the local-deploy target). Now the
> local-deploy target uses ${plugin.dir} which subsitutes a literal
> "${plugin-name}" and thus fails.
> Simply using plugin-name instead of plugin.dir at all places will fix
> this problem, since that is what eventually this substitution would
> have achieved.

That was my doing, it did work the way you describe but I changed it 
because each plugin now has a build file that needs to call the 
local-deploy target. When that happens it passes in the plugin-name 
property. The local-deploy needs to stay in the main build file as I 
want to do a local-deploy-all target as well.

I do seem to have broken the interactive version of local-deploy though. 
I'll fix it tomorrow (unless someone provides a patch before I get out 
of bed).

In the meantime you can simply cd into the plugin directory and do "ant 
local-deploy", that works.


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