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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject code vs. talk
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 13:57:36 GMT

I was in #kde-devel yesterday and saw the title was "development happens 
in CVS, we discuss politics here".

We've been doing a lot of talk lately here (more than I have time to 
read, personally).  Our policy is "commit then review" and I think we 
need to do that a lot more.  Non-committers can submit patches.  And 
that would be great, because that's the biggest step to becoming a 
committer, and we'd like to have more :-)  So just go ahead and do 
something; feel free to "stomp on people's toes", if there's problems 
we'll fix the code and evolve the code.

Certainly talking here about big changes is good, but if nobody's 
planning on following it up directly with code, what's the point?

Dave Brondsema : : programming : student org : personal

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