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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Automatic plkugin download (Re: Duplicate code)
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 14:12:30 GMT
Juan Jose Pablos wrote:
> I do not want build site to update any plug-in/skin/theme/newFunkyIcons 
> automatically. I want "build site" to do that, no more no less.
> If I want to update a plug-in/skin/theme/newFunkyIcons I will call it 
> myself, but not forrest.
> There is a 1000 reasons for not doing this.
> I am going to explain the last one  last week I had fixed the 
> OpenOffice/OpenOffice problem, but this automatic mechanism was 
> downloading the plug-in from the net and that was broken.

This should not be happening. If you already have the plugin installed 
in build/plugins then the plugin infrastructure *does not* download it 
again. There is no automatic update functionality. The behaviour you 
describe does not happen for me.

Are you cleaning your build directory?

> It is common for users to put forrest running on a cron job to build a 
> site every night. This updating feature could break suddenly the process 
> without user knowing what is going on...

Not the way it currently workss (no automated downloading of plugins 
that are already present). If you update the version of FOrrest running 
on the cron job from SVN then you need to do a clean build, this will 
delete the plugins directory and force a *one time* download of the new 

 > Let me know is my reasoning is totally wrong.

Your reasoning is 100% correct in my view. But I am totally confused as 
to why you are having this problem.

I repeat - Forrest does not download plugins that are already present. 
The only time they will try and download them is if they are not already 
present. Have you any idea why you are experiencing a different behaviour?


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