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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Selective PDF: Generating Site.xml (and tabs.xml)
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 19:27:18 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:


> RG> Unfortunately it is not as simple a taking
> RG> the code from that project and using it here as the editor requries a
> RG> defined  schema (which site.xml doesn't have).
> A schema as in XML-Schema? Could we not define one? Would make sense
> for people wanting to use other tools anyway.

This has been discussed a few times on the list and has usualy been 
rejected for a variety of reasons, none of which I can remember right 
now, apart from the one that follows...

> Each entry page being its own unique element might be a problem here.
> Why is that so anyway? Why not have elements like menu or menuitem
> instead?

Again I can't remember all the details. Could be to make things like 
"site:howto/buildPlugin" possible. It could be done with attributes but 
would be far less intuitive.

> RG> However, we are donating
> RG> as much code from that project to the Eclipse plugin in our SVN (for
> RG> example, the create project and create XDoc wizards).
> Here you lost me. Isn't SVN short for subversion? So who donates what
> for which project and what does that mean?

Burrokeet is a project that uses uses Forrest (amongst other things). 
Many of the things we have done at Burrokeet are useful in Forrest 
itself so wherever possible the Burrokeet project has donated relevant 
code to Apache Forrest.

I mixed my "we's" and "our's" in the above sentence - no wonder you are 
confused. it should say "the Burrokeet project is donating as much code 
as possible to Forrest, much of which is/will be appearing in the 
Eclipse plugin here in Forrest".

>>>- optional, but very useful: the ability to integrate into a framework
>>>  such as eclipse where an action in my outline allows my to open the
>>>  relevant file in a useful (that is dtd-aware) editor.
> RG> We have that too (in the Eclipse plugin), but to get it we are using
> RG> code donated by IBM that is not yet a part of the Eclipse CVS (milestone
> RG> date for inclusion is mid december).
> Are you saying that a dtd-aware editor will be part of Eclipse. Freu!?

Yes, see the web tools project on the Eclipse site.

> RG> Right now the editor is an XML editor, but this is exactly why I built
> RG> the htmlArea WYSIWYG plugin.
> Well I'm using XMLBuddy as an Eclipse-Plugin right now. Haven't gotten
> around to trying HTMLArea.

Stick with what you are comfortable with for now. I'll announce on this 
list when the Forrest Eclipse plugin is a good replacement - that is, 
unless you want to help me with the plugin, it is very usable now, just 
takes a bit of configuring.


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