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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Selective PDF
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 12:28:42 GMT

Dave Brondsema wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> Sean Wheller wrote:
>> Question: How would this impact things like wholesite.pdf?
> Configuration for wholesite.html/pdf also comes from site.xml  I don't 
> think we want to clutter this, especially because certain plugins could 
> provide the site.xml in their own way.  

Yes, but those plugins would have to conform to the defined format for 
site.xml, whatever it is.

> And don't forget about book.xml 
> which is a per-directory menu (and actually it is intermediately 
> generated from site.xml).

This is a good point, but again we could extend book.xml as well, if 

> [RT] we should have a generator which produces a tab.xml based on each 
> directory (title according to dir name), and site.xml provided based on 
> exactly what files are in the directory (maybe limit to .xml files) and 
> pull the title from the document.
> [/RT] does something like this, but 
it is an ANT script rather than a generator. An internal plugin that 
does this if no site.xml file is found is a great idea.

> I think it would be best not to complicate site.xml further. 

+1 if there is a better idea, but so far this is the best suggestion, 
but perhaps that is about to change...

> linkmap.html generates links to all the html files.  We could have a 
> linkmap.pdf.html (or a similar name) which generates links to all the 
> pdf files you want generated.  So I think it would be best to have 
> regular expressions (or some other powerful way of expressing yourself, 
> maybe ant include/exclude patterns).

I really like include/exclude patterns (as used, for example in ANT 
filesets), they are extremely powerful and allow the user to choose the 
most intuitive way of working for their individual use case.

> Ok, here's a potentially good and 
> flexible solution.  Link traversal begins in linkmap.html which includes 
> a link to each linkmap.TYPE.html file.  This file is automatically 
> generated like linkmap.html currently is.  

linkmap.html is generated by tranforming the site.xml file, where do we 
define the include and exclude stuff?


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