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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Selective PDF
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2004 13:55:51 GMT
Sean Wheller wrote:
> When the following parameters are sets true/false the effect is applied across 
> the project.
> <disable-print-link>true</disable-print-link>  
> <disable-pdf-link>true</disable-pdf-link>
> <disable-pod-link>true</disable-pod-link>
> <disable-txt-link>true</disable-txt-link>
> <disable-xml-link>true</disable-xml-link>
> How can one specify that only specific pages are effected?

At this time they can't, although I would like to see it made possible.

> Use case: A web site produces papers, articles, reviews etc. At first each 
> page has a PDF link, the home page, contact us, about us, everything has a 
> PDF link.
> Evaluation of the users browsing behavior shows that the only time they click 
> on PDF is when in the papers and articles sections. The webmaster wants to 
> save on processing time and disk space. Since users only use the PDF in the 
> papers and articles sections, it is decided that all sections, with the 
> exception of papers and articles will not have links to additional formats 
> such as PDF.

There are a few possibilities:

- provide a regular expression (or even a simple match expression) in that defines included and/or excluded pages for the 
PDF link. This is fine if we can say (as in your use case) create a PDF 
for all files in the "articles" directory but not for everything else. 
However, it gets more complicated if we want to include all files except 
this one, this one and that one in the articles directory.

- provide a regular expression to define filenames that are not included 
in the list of files to create the links for (i.e. do it for all files 
except those named index.*). This limits how the user can define their 
URI space.

- allow each page to override the default behaviour by setting a value 
in the meta-data for the page. By far the most flexible, but requires 
micro-management. May work well in conjunction with the previous option, 
that is we can say create PDF links for all files except index.*, but 
then define in the meta data for articles/index.* that PDF should be 

Question: How would this impact things like wholesite.pdf?


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