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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: website documentation version
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 23:31:15 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>> Summary of the discussion so far. None of it is yet agreed.
>> Please revise, if needed.
>> The generated docs come from each separate release branch.
>  From the 'tag' I suppose, as a tag denotes a release (it seems you mean 
> the same thing). Plus one for the trunk.

 From a branch.  E.g., we need to fix the documentation at  We will do so 
on the forrest_06 branch and the 0.6 webpages will be built from the 
latest version of that branch.  If we do it from a tag, then we have to 
wait until 0.6.1 is  released for that documentation change to get online.

>> The top-level docs are in a separate repository for
>> global things like the homepage, the example sites,
>> the mailing list and other community-type info.
> Hmmm... I want to also keep the top-level docs that were used for a 
> release...

Which ones, and why?

>> Some docs (faq.* and build.*) would move into the
>> version-specific at docs/faq.html etc.
>  >
>> The branch docs have a warning banner.
> With a like to the latest released docs.

The trunk docs would need a warning, too.  Users of the stable release 
shouldn't be mislead by them.  But I don't want warnings everywhere, 
just make it clear in the project title of those pages that it is Apache 
Forrest 0.6, or Apache Forrest 0.7-dev

>> Do we keep the old past release docs online forever?
> Good question. IMHO we should keep the latest release docs plus the 
> trunk docs. More than that can make indexing servers mix up the pages.
>> The current ASF publishing is still done by storing the
>> generated docs in SVN repositories. This might change later
>> to use a staging server and rsync, or even a live server
>> as Cocoon is now contemplating. Not yet.
>> --------------------
>> The web space ...
>> --------------------
> ...
>  > --------------------
>  > The SVN space ...
>  > --------------------

Hrm, to publish each version's webpages, generated from the source in 
the appropriate branch/trunk is not currently possible if it is all one 
site.  If we do base the webpages from the documentation in branches & 
trunk, it would probably be best to make each one a whole site.

web space:
f.a.o/dev -> a whole forrest site (what we have now at f.a.o)
f.a.o/0.6 -> a whole forrest site, from the 0.6 branch
f.a.o/stable -> alias for 0.6
f.a.o/index.html -> a quick intro paragraph, and links to the 
subdirectories OR a redirect to /stable

web files stored in svn:
same structure as they have in the web space, in svn://forrest/site

documentation src files in svn:
svn://forrest/trunk/src/documentation/content -> used to generate files 
at f.a.o/dev
svn://forrest/branches/forrest_06_branch/src/documentation/content  -> 
used to generate files at f.a.o/0.6

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