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From Web Maestro Clay <>
Subject Re: Using CSS to display/hide subnav links (was Re: slightly different navigation)
Date Sat, 20 Nov 2004 20:24:47 GMT
On Nov 19, 2004, at 8:15 AM, Clay Leeds wrote:
> I seem to remember something that would show/hide via click, but 
> perhaps it was :hover. By hovering over the 'heading', one could 
> certainly show a nested sub-div (similar to a DHTML menu)... Would 
> that be 'interesting' for anyone?
> Taking a page out of Eric Meyer's 'book':
> For example, take the Related Projects 'section' of the Forrest home 
> page. I'm thinking along the lines of:
> #menu_1.2 {
>   display: none;
> }
> And then either do a pop-out menu to the right:
> #menu_1.2Title:hover #menu_1.2 {
>   display: block;
>   left: 150px
> }
> ...or do a pop-out menu in the current location:
> #menu_1.2Title:hover #menu_1.2 {
>   display: block;
> }
> We'd still need to come up with a solution to identifying (in the 
> siteNav) when someone is on the page continue on that line of thought, as part of the transformation 
process, I think forrest needs to identify the 'selected' page (it 
appears to do this now, but I don't know how... could someone point me 
in the right direction for this).

BTW, one 'nice' feature (?) of the current "click to hide/show" 
navigation system is that it apparently defaults to OPEN if Javascript 
is turned off (nice work, Thorsten--at least I think that's your 
handiwork). I definitely prefer to be able to see all the links, all 
the time, so I want to make this permanent for the FOP site. No sense 
hiding the navigation from everyone IMO...

Unfortunately, I don't know how to PATCH it so the getmenu.js 
javascript file isn't loaded or I'd provide a PATCH. As I mentioned 
before, configurability of this menu hide/show would be nice to add to 
skinconf.xml, and I would recommend the default is to *not* load 

As for the CSS-based 'pop-out' menu system I described in my previous 
POST, that is something I could spend some time on. I'll give it some 
thought now that I have erm... more free time.

Web Maestro Clay
<> - <>
My religion is simple. My religion is kindness.
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