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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: smart update
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 17:19:12 GMT

On Nov 19, 2004, at 8:48 AM, Dave Brondsema wrote:
> Quoting Clay Leeds <>:
>> And for when one needs only one file, the following command is nice:
>> forrest -Dproject.start-uri=filename.html
>> And if you need a couple more, you could just [Ctrl+C] and then change
>> the filename.html...
>> (BTW, does the above work for subfolders: forrest
>> -Dproject.start-uri=samples/ihtml-sample.html? And does it work for
>> generating PDF files?).
> Yes.  Whatever URI you might use during forrest run will work here.
> PDFs work fine, but because they have no links if you start with one 
> (e.g.,
> -Dproject.start-uri=myfile.pdf) the CLI will not traverse to other 
> files.

Heh! Sounds like a 'feature'! :-p

> One thing to note is that all the raw files are still copied.


> I would like to see a feature of using Forrest to easily create just 
> one
> generated file.  Often times I have a .jspwiki file (for example) that 
> I'd like
> a quick PDF of.  With pluggable inputs & outputs, using forrest for 
> one-time
> conversions could be very handy.

This would be very helpful. Going back to the OP, if the site.xml or 
tabs.xml file has been modified, then the entire site would need it.

>> It might be nice to be able to pass more than one file, with a
>> separator:
>> forrest
>> -Dproject.start-uri=compliance.html,compliance.html,samples/ihtml-
>> sample.html,samples/ihtml-sample.pdf,index.html,index.pdf
> This would require a change to the CLI's interface.  Already you can 
> get such
> functionality by adding <uris> to cli.xconf, but I don't think you can 
> specify
> multiple URIs on the commandline.

<uris>? Sounds nifty and powerful!

This might be 'edging' on user@, but: I'm having a tough time 
understanding how <uris> works. Can you give an example of how one 
could use <uris> to process only compliance.html?

How about to process a few pages (e.g., compliance.html, team.html & 


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