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From Jörg Werner <>
Subject Re: XSL for Photo Gallery
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 14:22:26 GMT
Hi Ross,

okay, you got me hooked up. I found some more time to hack on the gallery 
plugin. It is now in a working state. You can download the plugin from .
The pictures are expected unter {project:content.xdocs}/gallery/** in the 
folders preview, small, big. Since the gallery plugin uses request 
parameters, it will only work as a webapp. On a related note (see FOR-387), I 
don't think that it does make sense to generate the necessary image files on 
the fly. This costs a lot of processor cycles. Think about the overview page. 
Scaling 20 pictures from a 5MP-Digikam to preview size takes around 15s, and 
this for each page request. Scales computationally really great (but caching 
would help...). The only other option I see is that in forrest run, the 
preview and small pictures are generated before the webapp is started. But I 
don't think cocoon has the ability to scale pictures built in (havn't found 
something in the docs...). Right now I use a short bash script to do the 
conversion a la: 

for i; do
  echo -n "Converting:" $i "... ";
  convert -size 100x100 $i -resize 100x100 preview/$i;
  convert -size 400x400 $i -resize 100x100 small/$i;
  convert -size 800x800 $i -resize 100x100 big/$i;
  echo "done.";

It is sufficient for my purposes.

Todo for the plugin:
-requesting http://localhost/gallery/lena/ without index.html is not yet 
matched (I had a fix for this, but I cant remember what it was...)
-I tried to align the left- and right arrows vertically in the table (using 
valign="middle") but this didn't work. Maybe some of the html gurus can fix 
-what is the required syntax for links and images <a> and <img> or <link>
<figure>, document-v20.dtd seems to allow both?
-I haven't tried other image types than jpg. Maybe there is still some hidden 
code which assumes this. Can someone test this?
-Implement the comment.xml feature (how can I merge the xml from the 
imagedirectory-generator and the comment.xml)
-Implement tool-tip infos
-Implement reading of exif data in cocoon imagedirectory-generator
-Implement a template facility for the picture page (so you can change the 
layout, right now everything is hardcoded in gallerypicture.xsl). This would 
require again merging of two xml sources...

But since I really don't have time for this, I leave these exercises to the 
reader (I really hate this sentence in textbooks, but it is fun to use it in  
his own texts ;-) )



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