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From Sean Wheller <>
Subject Re: Dynamic or Static Access Control Lists
Date Sun, 21 Nov 2004 09:06:54 GMT
On Sunday 21 November 2004 10:13, Alex Batlin wrote:
> Has anyone configured Forrest to allow user to provide userid and password,
> and then generated documents based on their role/group. Document elements
> can then be tagged with role/group. I am thinking of the way profiling is
> done in DocCook.


The simplified-docbook plugin is only capable of serving basic docbook 
documents. We have added several patches to improve, but none of them include 

We have written a full-docbook plugin that uses docbook xsl's to transform to 
XHTML1.0. This plugin does support profiling by means of Docbook 
xhtml/profile.xsl. Unfortunately, this plugin is of no use until Forrest uses 
XHTML as an internal format. As a result it exists only on my hard drive. 
Good news is that XHTML, as internal format, is in the development plan.

As for login. We first need to be capable of supporting profiling within the 
forrest xsl's. The combination of XHTML and Full Docbook Plugin will give us 
this. However, since we don't have user/pass session level authentication as 
a default function of Forrest, you will have to build it.

I built the full docbook plugin to give Forrest access to the full 
transformation capabilities of Docbook. Now I wait for the XHTML part. I have 
not looked at user/pass session levels. Although I have thought about it. 
Sean Wheller
Technical Author

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