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From Sean Wheller <>
Subject Re: Selective PDF
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 18:57:27 GMT
On Tuesday 16 November 2004 19:20, Ross Gardler wrote:
> > and since we have a
> > pdf plugin it will be
> Actually, we don't have a PDF output plugin yet, but I'll knock it
> together when svn is working again.

Yep, we don't same with most other target formats.

> > plugin.pdf.button.include.output=**.html, documentation/index.html
> > plugin.pdf.button.exclude.output=**/index.html
> >
> > So if you have a pod plugin, then either the for the
> > pod plugin will have this defined or the main
> >
> > plugin.pod.button.include.output=**.html, documentation/index.html
> > plugin.pod.button.exclude.output=**/index.html
> >
> > and so on for each target format ?
> Yes, or at least that is my thinking. We have to wait a short while to
> make sure there are no objections from anyone. We may have missed
> something.

Ok once I know which I will add for each target format.

I don't see an issue in JIRA for this so I can attach a patch (once I know 
which file to modify :-) ), perhaps it's named something obscure?

> The next stage is where do we process these properties.

This is the part that has me stuck.

> Lets continue to use PDF as a use case. Currently, site2xhtml.xsl has
> the following:
> <!--+
>      |Generates the PDF link
>      +-->
>    <xsl:template match="div[@id='skinconf-pdflink']">
>      <xsl:if test="not($config/disable-pdf-link) or $disable-pdf-link =
> 'false'">
>        <div class="pdflink" title="Portable Document Format"><a
> href="{$filename-noext}.pdf" class="dida">
>          <img class="skin" src="{$skin-img-dir}/pdfdoc.gif" alt="PDF
> -icon" /><br/>
>          PDF</a>
>        </div>
>      </xsl:if>
>    </xsl:template>
> We need to maintain this default behaviour (although we may want to
> deprecate it).

For now we must keep it, or it won't work. Same with the full-docbook plugin I 
have sitting with me, it won't work until XHTML. I guess we will come across 
this problem more often as we move more things to plugins. Personal this is 
why I would have liked XHTML implimented first and then everything else 
developed. At least we would not have to go back and retouch all work.

> In addition, we want to consider the values of the new 
> properties in the above template. How does this look?
> <!--+
>      |Generates the PDF link
>      +-->
<snip/> Some good logic

It looks sensible, as best I can tell. Will need to test it, but to have test 
env we need pdf plugin. So I think we:
1. do pdf plugin
2. add to (whichever it is)
3. add your logic to site2xhtml
Sean Wheller
Technical Author

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