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From Sean Wheller <>
Subject Re: Selective PDF
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 13:59:47 GMT
On Tuesday 16 November 2004 14:27, Ross Gardler wrote:
> Sean Wheller wrote:
> > On Tuesday 16 November 2004 02:51, Ross Gardler wrote:
> >>How about this:
> >>
> >>Say we have an output plugin for PDF. It will have to provide an fbit
> >>for the pdf button.
> >>
> >>In forrest properties we can have:
> >>
> >>plugin.pdf.button.include.output=**.html, documentation/index.html
> >>plugin.pdf.button.exclude.output=**/index.html
> >>
> >>This will result in the "button" fbit provided by the pdf plugin being
> >>placed on all html pages, but not on the index pages (except the
> >>documentation index).

Ok, I get it !!!

> >>
> >>We can also filter on source format:
> >>
> >>plugin.pdf.button.include.source=**.xml
> >>plugin.pdf.button.exclude.source=**.sxw

Yes, I like the fileter on source format better. Seem more to the point, which 
is to decide what target formats will be produced from a source format.

> >>
> >>*problem* how do we filter on source doctype?

Hmm. Do we have to? I mean, source format to target formats is the idea no?

> >>
> >>*NOTE* the include and exclude work as they do for filesets in ANT. That
> >>is, if we define an include value, we assume everything is excluded
> >>unless specifically included and vice-versa. Thus specifying neither
> >>gives us the current default behaviour of the skin - i.e the current
> >>behaviour.
> >>
> >>If we consider that Sean
> >>highlighted we can achieve what is requested there with:
> >>
> >>plugin.toc.max-depth=2
> >>plugin.toc.min-sections=1
> >>plugin.toc.location=page
> >>plugin.toc.includes.source=**/*.sxw
> >>plugin.toc.excludes.source=**/*.xml

Looks good.

> >
> > While there are good ideas under discussion here, I think people have
> > lost the focus. The solution now being suggested used blanket thinking
> > ie. All *.xml or all *.swx.
>  >
>  > I was thinking more along the lines of being able to specify target
> formats on
>  > a per file basis.
>  >
> The example above:
> plugin.pdf.button.include.output=**.html, documentation/index.html
> plugin.pdf.button.exclude.output=**/index.html
> Deals with a per file option (note documentation/index.html). I believe
> the reality is that in most cases a default behaviour will be
> appropriate. This kind of matching works extremely well in ANT when
> doing things like copying files, a very similar use case to this. The
> combination of includes and excludes is *very* powerful.

Not knowing much about ANT, I will take your word for it. :-)

> > What was a simple idea has become complex.
> Personally I find this much simpler and easire to manage. I can change a
> whole site from one single location. I do agree it is conceptually more
> complex for non-technical users, but these kinds of users need a GUI
> interface anyway.
> However, the most important thing about this suggestion is that it works
> for all fbits without further need to change site.xml. When you consider
> this it actually makes for a simpler solution.

Yes, now that the "penny dropped," I agree with you. This is a very good 

Sean Wheller
Technical Author

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