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From Sean Wheller <>
Subject Re: Selective PDF - Who uses Forrest?
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 10:30:28 GMT
On Monday 15 November 2004 11:35, Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Sean Wheller wrote:
> SW> My experience with the average user is that they will not use forrest.
> The SW> current system is way past the average user. If the average user
> could use SW> forrest then we would have many more example sites. The user
> that I belive SW> uses forrest is normally from a web admin or net admin
> background. Authors SW> such as myself are here because we have knowledge
> of XML and XSLT. These SW> people are not average.
> Agreed.

Good to see I am not alone :-)

> SW> Much of the documentation does not profile the average user, 90% of the
> tasks SW> explained in documentation are way beyond what the average user
> wants to get SW> involved with. The average user profile ends on the first
> page. The average SW> user wants install, copy files, and forrest run.
> True, but this is only version 0.7.

Current documentation assumes knowledge of cocoon. Not something an "average" 
user knows about. To get some understanding of how sitemap works I had to go 
back to cocoon. First page of documentation is only half about the average 
user and very quickly moves to sitemap.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

> In my opinion, Forrest is one of the very few frameworks that has
> the potential to open XML-based-publishing to the normal user WHILE
> keekping the unique potential of refining a site later on by learning
> more about xslt and cocoon.


> Which is why, after spending a long time researching other products,
> I' decided to make Forrest a central topic in a book on everyday use
> of XML-technology for "normal" people.
> Also, it seems to me, that Forrest at the moment doesn't need a lot of
> structural changes to make it easy to use. Those that would help,
> can still be implemented until version 1.0.


> What is mostly needed is an expanded and perhaps differently
> structured tutorial explaining Forrest more from a users perspective
> plus a reference manual on all the settings and options.
> (I'm happy to start writing one as soon as I have a thorough
> understanding of Forrest as a whole.)*

+1 I will help.

> So I think the facts that you mentioned are true, but they are issues
> to improve and not arguments for changing the target audience of this
> project.


Sean Wheller
Technical Author

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