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From Diwaker Gupta <>
Subject Re: [Skins] Leather-dev vs. scale-dev
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 22:33:35 GMT
> I could do this easily: it's just that if we decide to put the search
> box outside of branding, there's no user-accessible option of changing
> it back to inside the branding outside of two things:
>    a) Edit the CSS to position:absolute it into position (which looks
> bad in anything other than the browser I design it for, and it floats),
> or:
>    b) Edit the XSL to move it into the desired physical position.
> Theoretically, there are an unlimited number of positions where the
> search box can reside, but the problem is that CSS cannot position them
> (position:absolute or position:relative will always float an object).
> I'm sure you people can think of something clever to put in skinconf.xml
> that will resemble <search position="nav" /> and position it somewhere,
> but I don't know enough about it to be able to edit it in. This could
> cause debate: I think that the search box should be inside branding
> simply because it _visually_ belongs there. I think that the tabs should
> be there too.

I agree with Shaun here. Even I had a go at placing the search box
"correctly" using just CSS, but it doesn't work. Sure its a challenge,
but CSS was really not meant so much for "positioning" as for generic
layouts. Absolute positioning sucks (and breaks with browsers,
resolution, changing window size and what not) so we don't want to go
that way. Relative positioning also floats things around beyond our

Having search inside branding makes sense. We are still sticking with
the naming convention, and if someone wants to still place the search
box at a different place, they are welcome to use the
abolution/relative positioning features of CSS. But it makes it a lot
easier to write new (and better looking) skins if one doesn't have to
worry about the search box floating around.
Diwaker Gupta

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