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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re[2]: Selective PDF: Generating Site.xml (and tabs.xml)
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 18:25:35 GMT

Ross Gardler wrote:

RG> The resource editor in Eclipse is the standard view for 
RG> navigating/adding files etc. Nothing special, the one you normally work
RG> with.

OK, got that.

RG> For all these you need the editor in Burrokeet. It isn't a site.xml
RG> editor (uses IMSManifest).

OK, I roughly know what that is.

RG> Unfortunately it is not as simple a taking
RG> the code from that project and using it here as the editor requries a
RG> defined  schema (which site.xml doesn't have).

A schema as in XML-Schema? Could we not define one? Would make sense
for people wanting to use other tools anyway.

Each entry page being its own unique element might be a problem here.
Why is that so anyway? Why not have elements like menu or menuitem

RG> However, we are donating
RG> as much code from that project to the Eclipse plugin in our SVN (for
RG> example, the create project and create XDoc wizards).

Here you lost me. Isn't SVN short for subversion? So who donates what
for which project and what does that mean?

>> - optional, but very useful: the ability to integrate into a framework
>>   such as eclipse where an action in my outline allows my to open the
>>   relevant file in a useful (that is dtd-aware) editor.

RG> We have that too (in the Eclipse plugin), but to get it we are using
RG> code donated by IBM that is not yet a part of the Eclipse CVS (milestone
RG> date for inclusion is mid december).

Are you saying that a dtd-aware editor will be part of Eclipse. Freu!?

RG> Right now the editor is an XML editor, but this is exactly why I built
RG> the htmlArea WYSIWYG plugin.

Well I'm using XMLBuddy as an Eclipse-Plugin right now. Haven't gotten
around to trying HTMLArea.

Ferdinand Soethe

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