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Subject [JIRA] Created: (FOR-381) smart update feature request
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 23:27:50 GMT

  A new issue has been created in JIRA.

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Here is an overview of the issue:
        Key: FOR-381
    Summary: smart update feature request
       Type: New Feature

     Status: Unassigned
   Priority: Minor

    Project: Forrest
             Core operations

   Reporter: Diwaker Gupta

    Created: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 5:26 PM
    Updated: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 5:26 PM

Hey everyone,

Things are looking great with Forrest, and I'm really looking forward
to the upcoming features. There's just one thing that personally
really irks me and I'd like to see that happening in the future too,
so I'm just testing grounds if I'm the only one with this issue.

When I do a forrest site, it takes about 1 minute to render my
complete website, which is absolutely fine for complete deploys since
we don't expect them to be frequent. However, when I'm working on a
new page/article, I often make small small changes and want see how
things look like. Clearly forrest site is way too much overhead for
this kind of thing. Now of course, you can do a forrest run and given
in the URL you want to check, but wouldn't it be great if forrest
could be smart about rendering and only work on *modified* pages?

Ross Gardler <> to dev
This would be a great feature (I have a site that takes over 25 minutes
to build, even on my fastest machine).

I think the way to do it would be when creating the linkmap.html file.
By comparing the timestamp of the ouput file with that of the input file
we could create a linkmap that only generates changed pages.

However, beware, if site.xml, tabs.xml, or
skinconf.xml change in any way the whole site will have to be
regenerated as these files affect every page.

Please put a feature request in issues so we don't forget this.


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