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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re[2]: Selective PDF: Generating Site.xml (and tabs.xml)
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 17:08:46 GMT

Ross Gardler wrote:

RG> I have two responses to this:

RG> Firstly, if we create a generator that reads the directory structure and
RG> generates the site.xml and tabs.xml file as suggested above then there
RG> is no need to write anything for Eclipse. Simply configure the existing
RG> resource editor to only display the relevant files and you have your
RG> editor.

I'm not quite sure what resource editor your are talking about? Pls
give me a hint.

Important differences to just scanning directory structure are:

- ability to move each file of a directory to the desired location in
  my menu as opposed to its place in a given directory sort order.
- ability to administrate a label that is not necessarily the titel of
  the file (if it even has one)
- further on: the ability to include other types or ressources that
  are not reflexted in a file.

- optional, but very useful: the ability to integrate into a framework
  such as eclipse where an action in my outline allows my to open the
  relevant file in a useful (that is dtd-aware) editor.

  Although I admit that simply calling OS-mappings might do the trick
  as well.

Ferdinand Soethe

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