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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re[2]: Selective PDF
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 09:58:28 GMT

Backwards compatibility:

I agree that we should not break existing sites without good reason.

Yet improving flexibility, intuitiveness and logical structures should
be good enough reasons especially while this is still a 0.x-version.

In this case changes to existing sites would be rather small and
easily be done in the time it takes to download the latest Forrest.

Control of formats:

I very much support Seans points on positively expressing goals as
much as possible ("say what you want"). Also because it ensures, that
later updates will not automatically add formats that the site-owner
might not have wanted or expected in her site.

Adding optional and inheritable(? not sure I'm using the correct word
here) output-attributes to site.xml seems a very elegant and easy to
understand way of combining flexibility and power with intuitiveness.

If it can coexist with expert tweaks to the sitemap, that would
make it a perfect solution for me.

It would also make it easy to implement when eventually somebody will go
about creating a visual tree designer for site and tabs to further
simplify editing those files.

Btw: I propose making the default setting of the topmost site-element
html and pdf (for clarity already explicitly set in new sites, but
also used when attribute is not set!).

Ferdinand Soethe

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