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From David Crossley <>
Subject RE: bin/ subdir missing from 0.6 dist
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 21:37:28 GMT
Springer, Ian P. wrote:
> It did find the exectuable. It found the 0.5.1 exectuable which was
> already in my PATH. You should change the instructions to specify that
> it should be added to the head of your PATH.
> I think I was unclear as to what the steps below are meant o accomplish.
> I thought you were saying that they would generate a bin/ subdir under
> my Forrest installation dir, but after running it successfully, it looks
> like it just generates the Forrest website. So I guess the main point is
> that I need to set FORREST_HOME to C:\opt\forrest0.6\src\core, as
> opposed to C:\opt\forrest0.6, as I did for Forrest 0.5.1..

Since you are upgrading from forrest-0.5.1 then be sure
to follow the docs/upgrading-06.html

By the way, you should not have needed to do "build".
The release is already built. All you needed was to set
FORREST_HOME and PATH. Please follow the index.html
in the top-level of the distribution.

David Crossley

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