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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: timeline for flux?
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 06:12:34 GMT
Diwaker Gupta wrote:
> Hi devs,
> By when is the SVN repository expected to go into a "stable" state?

That state will come and go. It could get broken again
at any minute, though not as severely as these recent changes.

It is up to each developer to track what they consider to
be stable. I keep a little text file where i try to record
SVN revision numbers of occasions when it works for me.

> Right now there's just way too much flux :)

That is correct. You are on the dev mailing list,
so would have seen the massive restructuring(s)
that we have had to do recently.

> I don't want to go around
> posting on stuff that I think is broken, but has simply not been
> updated/fixed in the repo yet.

Yeah, it is hard to know what to do, isn't it.
Please just keep on posting about any break
that you see, but don't just say "docbook doesn't work".
We need more information or it is just a waste of time.
It is better to be verbose and over-explain.

If it can be dealt with immediately then we will.
Otherwise it might need to sit in the mailing list
archives for a while, even without comment.

Thanks for all the help that you have already provided.

David Crossley

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