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From David Crossley <>
Subject RE: [Skins] Leather-dev vs. scale-dev
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 05:24:39 GMT
Shaun Evans wrote:
> Trying not to sound pedantic, I am quite disappointed with the way you
> have reacted to my contribution of scale-dev.

Hmmm, i thought that Thorsten's reply was very constructive.
Please be careful to read between the lines. Remember that
not everyone is a native English speaker.

As Thorsten pointed out, this is our fault because we have
not properly documented our CSS naming conventions which
we (mainly Thorsten thankyou) have been working on over the
last few months.

As with any Open Source project, all discussions and
decisions are done on the dev mailing list. It takes
time and volunteer hours to turn that into hard docs.

So whatever happens, people would need to search the
mail archives or at least do a quick Google search.

I did Google just now for:
 forrest "leather-dev"
and hit straight on to Thorsten's "Naming Conventions"
presentation at OSCOM and discussion in the mail archives.
That provides clues to search more explicitly at say

I know that might sound like a flippant answer, but it
is reality.

We need to build on past efforts. People would need to
carefully provide convincing arguments to change.


> I am not new to Forrest,
> but I am new to it's development and I am unfamiliar with the way that
> you do things. Being a web designer, not a developer, at heart, I have
> my own way of working with things, and it's not the same as the way you
> do. If you said that I was trying to make changes to the way you do
> things, you're right. Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to work
> with the way you do things, and you will take my opinion into account.
> (I distinctly remember something similar happening last week with Sean
> Wheller)
> Thorsten: Excuse me if what I have said isn't to your taste. Our end
> views with regard to scale and leather are much the same, but you
> believe that it should be done using leather, and I believe the same for
> scale. Please consider my point of using scale as a base, and leather as
> a source of advanced features that I haven't implemented in scale-dev
> yet, as it makes life easy and simple, and I am willing to help you with
> it.
> Thanks
> #shaun

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