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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: website documentation version
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 11:20:09 GMT
Summary of the discussion so far. None of it is yet agreed.
Please revise, if needed.

The generated docs come from each separate release branch.

The top-level docs are in a separate repository for
global things like the homepage, the example sites,
the mailing list and other community-type info.

Some docs (faq.* and build.*) would move into the
version-specific at docs/faq.html etc.

The branch docs have a warning banner.

Do we keep the old past release docs online forever?

The current ASF publishing is still done by storing the
generated docs in SVN repositories. This might change later
to use a staging server and rsync, or even a live server
as Cocoon is now contemplating. Not yet.

The web space ...
... the 'svn checkout' of svn://forrest/website/publish/

... the 'svn checkout' of svn://forrest/website-0.6/

... the 'svn checkout' of future svn://forrest/website-0.7/

The SVN space ...

Trying to separate it, so that developers can just work on
the top-level and not need to checkout all the old docs too.

 publish/ ... generated global docs that are not version-specific
      docs/ ... generated from current trunk.
      howto/ .. generated from current trunk.
      plugins/ ... descriptor and published plugins
      skins/ ... descriptor and published skin packages
 src/ ... the source for the top-level docs.

... generated from 0.6 branch.
 docs/index.html etc.
 howto/index.html etc.

... generated from future 0.7 branch.
 docs/index.html etc.
 howto/index.html etc.


trunk/site/ ... the current source


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