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From "Bruno Fonzi" <>
Subject R: Selective PDF: Generating Site.xml (and tabs.xml)
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 09:21:33 GMT

The ANT script to generate automatically site.xml and tabs.xml is
already available at:

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Da: Ross Gardler [] 
Inviato: lunedì 15 novembre 2004 17.48
Oggetto: Re: Selective PDF: Generating Site.xml (and tabs.xml)

Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>[RT] we should have a generator which produces a tab.xml based on 
>>>each directory (title according to dir name), and site.xml provided 
>>>based on exactly what files are in the directory (maybe limit to .xml

>>>files) and pull the title from the document. [/RT]
> RG> does something like 
> RG> this, but it is an ANT script rather than a generator. An internal

> RG> plugin that does this if no site.xml file is found is a great 
> RG> idea.
> I'd like to suggest a different approach:
> Provide an piece of software (preferably Java-based, even better an
> Eclipse-plugin) that administrates site.xml as an outline and 
> generates site.xml and tabs.xml on saving.

I have two responses to this:

Firstly, if we create a generator that reads the directory structure and

generates the site.xml and tabs.xml file as suggested above then there 
is no need to write anything for Eclipse. Simply configure the existing 
resource editor to only display the relevant files and you have your 

Actually, you know this is a really good idea. I could knock this 
together fairly quickly using the ANT script supplied above. Not a 
dynamic generation process, but halfway there. Keep an eye on the 
Eclipse plugin in our SVN, I have a feeling I may hack this out.

Secondly, for a more powerful solution take a look at which is developing an eclipse based 
application that allows the graphica editing of Content Packages that 
use an IMSManifest file instead of site.xml and tabs.xml.


> Hope I'm making myself clear enough?

So clear you changed my todo list priority ;-)


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