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From "Shaun Evans" <>
Subject Skins - scale-dev
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 22:14:10 GMT
I just submitted to JIRA (FOR-342) my leather-dev enhancement, scale-dev
(if everybody agrees, I'll drop the extra name and call it leather-dev
from now on). Please could you test it with platforms and browsers that
you may have, and post results. If you want to see the full
capabilities, render the forrest site (not the default seed).

I'll start it with:

Firefox/Linux - +1
Mozilla/Linux - +1
IE/Windows - +0.5 (tabs out of line)
Firefox/Windows - +1

I am aware of three bugs: one is that the tabs are displayed in reverse
order, another is that if the text on a page does not exceed the length
of the nav section the <hr/> will be 'pushed up' and the footer content
will be just below it, and the last is that the tabs are slightly out of
line in IE. Your patches to these are most welcome ;-). There is also a
slight discolouration in the header (if you can't see it, 'forrest run'
the seed project with the SVG-rendered logo) which is caused by IE's
poor support of PNGs.


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