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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: A last ditch attempt to encourage an obviously capable developer
Date Sat, 30 Oct 2004 21:43:08 GMT
Ross Gardler escribió:
> Sean Wheller wrote:
>> On Saturday 30 October 2004 19:41, Ross Gardler wrote:
>>> Sean Wheller wrote:
> <snip/>
>> OK. I see a way forward.
>> 1.   I fix the HTML solution (a stop gap.)
>> 2.   We work on XHTML and Plugins as per new JIRA.
> +1 (remember a +1 means I am willing to help, all you have to do is 
> provide an example of your problem and I'll look into it - I've not 
> looked at your XHTML sample yet, but I will)

+1 I stated in "[RT] How to move the skins into a plugin? Plans for 
I think leather should be the first skin that support XHTML2. This way 
we could use standard xhtml as template language and as well to produce 
site output.

>> Really, I must thank you for yor energy and efforts.
> and thank you for your patience, with your help the move to XHTML2 will 
> be much smoother.

I guess this a good example what this project is all about to help each 
other to create the greatest open source software. ;-)


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