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From "Scherler, Thorsten" <>
Subject Re: Forrest Skins
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 12:08:59 GMT
Shaun Evans escribió:
>>If people are talking about the reference that Vadim
>>pointed us to, then i don't see much difference to
>>our "pelt" and "leather-dev". In fact i see it as
>>less capable than ours.
> I am (and I assume Vadim and Thorsten are) talking about the specific
> style (with the hoverry tabs and the 3d gradient header and the block
> navigation on the left, and the section headings, and the subtle
> background-change-on-hover effects, etc).
>>>If nobody has any objections, I will start making a skin like 
>>> and name it 'scale-dev'. To begin with, I'll base it on 
>>>leather-dev, if I can't get something that looks as good as 
>>>then I'll build it from scratch.
>>I don't understand. Why not just finish of the "leather-dev" 
>>that we already have?
> As I said above, I like the mozilla skin because it looks good, and I
> think it could be reproduced well using Forrest.
> IMHO, new users would want a variety of different skins available to
> them, before they start altering specific details in
> or skinconf.xml. pelt, tigris, leather-dev and krysalis-site do look
> very similar in structure, despite being different skins with different
> default colour schemes.
> I do see your point - I will, instead of creating a new skin, try
> playing with leather-dev and possibly making a patch to get the css
> working well.
> #shaun


Nice! I created pelt and leather. I am not a webdesigner so I reused as 
much css parts from accient skins as I could ;-). -> that explains the 
similar look&feel.

Some background on leather-dev can be find on this page I have to update the 
presentation files (pdf) because it is a older version. I can to it on 
sunday if I am back in spain.

There were as well a thread here in dev that explains leather-dev in 
more detail 
(some more details in

You "only" have to provide new css-files. Try not to create a new skin. 
Add the new css-files to jira and I will use them as default (because 
the existing ones are horrible).

I am very happy if you can provide this css-files. I can then 
concentrate on adding all missing functionality to leather and 
developing a mechanism where you can specific which css-files should be 
used (corium).

Like David stated before, first we have to finish leather-dev by 
applying your "scale"-css-style to it (if you want to contribute it) and 
adding the missing functionality.


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