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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: Docbook as forrest-plugin
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2004 09:37:47 GMT
Sean Wheller wrote:
> On Monday 25 October 2004 10:36, David Crossley wrote:
>>I am tempted to say that they would need to configure their
>>plugin to point to their own installed resources. People who
>>use DocBook as their source format would already have the
>>DocBook DTDs and XSLs installed somewhere and be up-to-date
>>for the particular version that they use.
> Yes. And you do want to cut down on the download "pay-load." In another post I 
> refer to what we are now calling a plug-in as an "ADAPTOR." Perhaps there are 
> two classes of "plug-in."


The fact that a plugin doesn't use some features doesn't mean it needs a 
different name.

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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