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From thorsten <>
Subject Re: [RT] Search engines
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 09:31:37 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> thorsten wrote:
> <snip/>
>>*How it should work*
>>We need the following components:
>>I) site.xml - Here we can add the hooks for each site which search 
>>engine should be used. e.g.
>><todo label="Todo" href="todo.html" description="Todo List" 
>>searchType="os" searchEngine="all"/>
>>This would offer the *all* search engines from the categorie *os*.
>><todo label="Todo" href="todo.html" description="Todo List" 
>>searchType="os" searchEngine="marc, eyebrowse"/>
>>This would offer the marc and the eyebrowse search engines from the 
>>categorie *os*.
> <snip/>
> Is this starting to overload the site.xml
> Perhaps there are other other ways.

IMO that would not be as bad. The site.xml is the one part of forrest 
that the user really has to edit to add new content. All other files can 
be set to default.

Anyway that leads me to the approach that Ross uses for his sourceforge 
project. He uses manifest to extract tab and site.xml. He can edit the 
site with a GUI. IMO we need such a think very fast.
...or I have to really start the integration of forrest into lenya (et. 
al.). Then the user will not have to edit XML docs directly but through 
Bitflux, Kupu, et. al..

King regards

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