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From thorsten <>
Subject Re: [RT] Search engines
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 08:07:10 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> thorsten wrote:
>> I would like to implement a "better" search engine script.
>> The script should be:
>> a) page specific
>> b) extensible
> <snip/>
>> Each of this topics would have different search provider.
>> e.g. open source
> <snip/>
>> b) The user should be able to extend the standard search engines by 
>> adding the neccessary information into a xml file. We would just add 
>> some examples that we actually need for our site.
>> *How it should work*
>> We need the following components:
>> I) site.xml - Here we can add the hooks for each site which search 
>> engine should be used. e.g.
>> <todo label="Todo" href="todo.html" description="Todo List" 
>> searchType="os" searchEngine="all"/>
>> This would offer the *all* search engines from the categorie *os*.
>> <todo label="Todo" href="todo.html" description="Todo List" 
>> searchType="os" searchEngine="marc, eyebrowse"/>
>> This would offer the marc and the eyebrowse search engines from the 
>> categorie *os*.
> So, what does the user see? Is it a text box for search terms and a drop 
> down box with options for each of the available engines?

Yeah. The example of eclipse site is really the one I had in mind when 
writting this RT.

>> I hope you got the idea and WDYT?
> I like the sound of this. One of the things I really like about the 
> eclipse site is that you can search on a variety of "levels". That is 
> you can search the whole site, just the docs, just the API's, just 
> mailing lists, specific mailing list etc. (see 
> It seems you are suggesting 
> the same kind of idea but with the added benefit of being able to 
> customise the options in each section of the site, so in the developer 
> section we default to searching the API (for example).

Jupp, you understand me 100%. Nice. :)

> I can see this going further in that a site could use Mozilla search 
> plugins ( Have you considered 
> using the Mozilla format? (docs are at 

I just had a look on some basic examples on that site and yes I think I 
will use the format. Looks good and why reinventing the wheel all the 
time. ;-)

> Ross
Thanks Ross for that feedback again.

Kind regards

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