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From thorsten <>
Subject Re: synchronising skins leather-dev and pelt
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 07:54:15 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> I started to add to leather-dev some of the recent
> changes that were made to pelt. In particular,
> i was adding the recent contribution from Arturo
> to have proper alignment of the icons/links for
> PDF, POD, Print, etc.

Nice thank you :)

> However, i stopped because this seemed to add lots
> of repetition to css/base-contracts.css
> (copying the #content-pdf etc. to #content-pod etc.).

Can we make it a /class/. That would make it e.g.
<div class="content-media" id="pdf"/> The id is *only needed* if the 
element need some more customizing. Then we do not have to cn'p everything.

> Also this is an area that Thorsten is still working.

Yeah, big time. ;-) I just put everything in semantic container. Have a 
look at for background 

> Anyway should i continue with adding to leather-dev
> or wait?

No, just go ahead. Please just put everything in semantic container. I 
have to design the style anyway from 0. ;-)

Cheers David,

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