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From Arturo Vazquez <>
Subject Re: synchronising skins leather-dev and pelt
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 04:48:53 GMT
On 05 Oct 2004 10:18:07 +1000, David Crossley <> wrote:
> I started to add to leather-dev some of the recent
> changes that were made to pelt. In particular,
> i was adding the recent contribution from Arturo
> to have proper alignment of the icons/links for
> PDF, POD, Print, etc.
> However, i stopped because this seemed to add lots
> of repetition to css/base-contracts.css
> (copying the #content-pdf etc. to #content-pod etc.).
this is what i meant in the original patch-post:
Probably it should be a single class for all the alternative format
icons, and a single transformation, but on the other hand this allows
other configurations instead of the right alignment... anyway let me
know if you think it should be the same css class and I'll change it.

as previously  stated the idea when porting to leather is to use the
semantic containers
an css it from there, in order to avoid the repetition...

However in the same order of ideas the sc can help so we can not only 
have one class in the css, they also enable us to do a single
transformation for all the content icons (by using an xsl:for-each) ;)

hmmm  ....

ok I started an issue on this [FOR-313] so I can submit yet another ugly
patch to fix the placement of the icons on tigris 

this uses the same approach as in pelt (actually is a port) but is
working fine...

my next step is to offer help to david in order to properly (no
repetition) apply this to leather...
so ... where do I start ??? 

> Also this is an area that Thorsten is still working.
> Anyway should i continue with adding to leather-dev
> or wait?

let me know if you continued or if I should start :)

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