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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: Forrest plugin
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 18:50:24 GMT

On Oct 6, 2004, at 11:22 AM, Ross Gardler wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> I'll open an issue and attach a zip of the files I have modified so 
>> you can get at them.
> See

I see that you put it up already, and although that the code is 
'old'... I also see that you'd prefer enhancements to this are made in 
the plugins branch, so as to limit breaking TRUNK. Therefore we should 
probably disregard this portion of my response below.

On Oct 6, 2004, at 11:43 AM, Clay Leeds wrote:
>> If you would prefer you are welcome work the other way around and 
>> work my enhancements into the existing OOo stuff. When we extract the 
>> plugin it will come with it.
> I think that would be preferable to me. It looks like doing the 
> forrest plugin thing will be an easy step after we've finished setting 
> up forrest to provide the desired output.

Sounds like I'll have to have both versions of forrest installed 
(plugins & TRUNK). Any ideas about how I should 'manage' this? Perhaps 
retain the HEAD version as my $FORREST_HOME, and name the plugins 
version forrest_PLUGINS/ or something?

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