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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: xml-fop Build Failed
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 04:03:58 GMT
I'm appending a response I received from Victor Mote (who I believe may 
have created the Compliance page), which was submitted to the FOP-DEV 
list and may shed some light on the Compliance page problem (and 
possibly the other "CRITICAL" problems as well).

On Oct 28, 2004, at 8:58 AM, Clay Leeds wrote:
> I do have a few problems I need to resolve:
> - compliance.html/.xml - *no* content (should look like[5])
> - design/ - *no* content (should look 
> like[6])
> - all links in *navigation* from 
> design/
>   display *no* content (click[7] and try links in site navigation menu)

On Oct 28, 2004, at 2:43 PM, Victor Mote wrote:
> OK. The compliance page uses a different DTD than any of the other 
> pages:
> xml-fop/src/documentation/resources/schema/dtd/compliance-v10.dtd
> One possibility to consider is changing it to the standard format. 
> That is
> probably possible, but you may have to give some things up to get it 
> done.
> My recollection is that I always decided it was worth it to use the
> non-standard way. Also, the standard DTD may be better now than it was.
> A different DTD means that it must use a different stylesheet also. 
> This is
> likely the crux of the problem. The process of telling Forrest/Cocoon 
> about
> the compliance stylesheet is probably broken. The easiest solution is
> probably to ask on the Forrest user list. They were always extremely 
> helpful
> in solving these problems. When I was working with Forrest, it 
> required a
> decent understanding of Cocoon, but their newer versions might hide 
> some of
> that. Look in one of the "sitemap" files (sorry -- I don't remember 
> which
> one is the
> current one):
> xml-fop/src/documentation
> In each you'll see a section entitled "FOP Additions" (line 295 in
> sitemap.xmap, and line 257 in sitemap-0.5.xmap). That shows you the 
> location
> of the stylesheets as well (there is another entry later for the to-pdf
> stylesheet). Find out where the equivalent sitemap for the new version 
> is
> and how to mimic the logic that is here.
> That's about all I can think of to tell you. Good luck.
> Victor Mote

I think this means I'll have to find the FOP-ADDITIONS sections of the 
'old' xml-fop sitemap.xmap file and put those sections into a new 
sitemap.xmap. Hopefully I'm on the right track, and when I try to 
tackle this tomorrow I'll have better clarity on it.

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