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Subject AW: AW: Plugins in SVN
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 12:35:14 GMT
> Does the fact you can checkout individual portions of tree deal with 
> your "checkout one plugin" issue?

Yes - didnĀ“t knew that.

> Access control per plugin is a good point, but at this stage 
> I imagine 
> all Forrest committers will get write access to all plugins. 
> That could 
> change in the future (and equally likely we may want to give write 
> access to a plugin but not to Forrest). However, there is 
> considerable 
> work in managing this access control etc. and at this stage I would 
> imagine we would stick to across the board committer access.
> Also don't forget that plugins need not be hosted here at 
> Forrest, they 
> can be hosted elsewhere too, with independent access control and 
> committer rights (even licenses)
> Independent release cycles are still possible with one folder 
> per plugin 
> in a plugins module if each plugin has its own build file. In 
> fact this 
> would seem like a good argument for one module, multiple sub 
> directories. We can then provide a module build file that 
> will build all 
> plugins in one command, or we can go into an individual 
> plugin dir and 
> just build that one.

I suggest providing two buildfiles:
- build.xml:  master file iterating over all modules
- common.xml: define the build targets

Each module then has its own buildfile, maybe only with
  <project name="module-eclipse">
      <!-- 'overwrite' properties from common here -->
      <import file="../common.xml"/>
      <!-- 'overwrite' paths from common here -->


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