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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: xml-fop Build Failed
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 16:30:35 GMT
On Oct 19, 2004, at 10:24 PM, David Crossley wrote:
> Clay Leeds wrote:
>> Speaking of which, it sounds like Apache Forrest-0.6 is not yet live 
>> on
>> the server which serves <>.
> There are no live services running on any Apache server.


>> I don't understand what you meant when you said 'I wondered that a
>> while ago, but you must have missed my question.'
> A while ago i heard you mention 'forrestbot' in a passing comment.
> I asked "What forrestbot" ... i did not realise that any Apache
> websites were actually being updated by the old experimental
> forrestbot.

So, the FOP Dev => Doc Mgmt page:
a) is incorrect as the forrestbot isn't working
b) is technically correct (it works but uses forrest-0.5.x)

>> In other words, until I get the xdocs/ back in the running, we aren't
>> updating our site unless I manually edit the files using vi. If
>> necessary, I could do your suggestion below, although I'll have to
>> reapply any changes to the 'working' xdocs/*.xml files (which isn't
>> really that big a deal).
> FOP is going to need to do the suggestion below anyway.
> However lets get your build issues solved ASAP.

Agreed. As soon as I get a BUILD SUCCESSFUL, I will:
1. COMMIT changes to xdocs/
2. determine more recent changes & update xdocs/ w newer content
3. COMMIT changes to xdocs/
4. COMMIT HTML changes using suggestion below from /forrest/ build/site/

Does it sound like I've got the process figured out?

>>> Yes, it will be wonderful when we finally get a forrestbot at ASF.
>>> -- 
>>> David Crossley
>> Yes that will. What is prohibiting that? Is there anything I
>> (we--either the FOP Team or someone else from the Forrest Team) can do
>> to help?
> I thought that i already said. It is that we are waiting and waiting
> for the new Apache machines to come on-line. On the current machines
> no project can run live services. Cocoon and Forrest have been
> waiting since the year dot.

'the year dot.' hmph! never heard it called that, but I assume you mean 
Jan 1, 2004.

> It is getting very close now, so yes the Forrest "team",
> which includes anybody who wants to help, needs to start
> getting our thinking caps on. That is for a separate
> email thread soon.

Sounds good. I'll pay attention.

Web Maestro Clay
Clay Leeds - <>
Webmaster/Developer - Medata, Inc. - <>
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