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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject New Plugin: S5 Slide shows
Date Sun, 31 Oct 2004 18:02:34 GMT
Yesterday I saw a post on Bertrand's Blog 
( ) concerning S5: A 
Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System. Over at Burrokeet I have been 
generating slides from Forrest documents for some time.

I couldn't resist merging S5 and my Forrest work together in a plugin. 
The result is quite nifty - wither manually marked up slides (using 
class="slide") or automatically generated slides from .documents (works, 
but needs more development to be really useful).

The plugin is called s5, you can download it from

I've put the docs online at but the 
slideshows don't work due to a bug in the plugin system (I'll fix it soon).

To see the outputs of the slideshow download the plugin to 
forrestcore/plugins and do a "forrest run|site" in 
forrest/plugins/s5/docs (there is also a bug in some of the links in 

For a quick and easy look at s5 (which is cool) see


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