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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Help with sitemap.xmap - Docbook Plugin
Date Sat, 30 Oct 2004 13:05:17 GMT
Sean Wheller wrote:
> On Friday 29 October 2004 21:05, Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>I am geeting body now. After a few touches to the html2document.xsl, but
>>>information loss and lots of mess in places.
>>If the loss is style then we are not concerned at this point, the first
>>thing we need to do is make sure all content is present. We'll come back
>>to style when we have reached that far.
>>Can you give examples of HTML snippets that are being lost.
> No we're talking information, not style/formatting.
> The loss comes with all the inline elements and images in places are 
> duplicated.

If you give us examples I might stand a chance of suggesting a fix.

> I seriously question this route of development. I go back. Our excursion into 
> XHTML1.0 was intended to give use
> My problem was with docbook2document.xsl. 

If you give us examples I might stand a chance of suggesting a fix.

> The reason I wanted to try this was so that  the power of Docbook XSL's could 
> be harnessed. The advantage was that there would be no information loss and 
> the XInclude problem would be averted. Formatting would be the domain of CSS.

This is exactly what I am working towards as well. If you don't want to 
try it my way, but would rather try another route I encourage you to do 
so, this is Open Source, I cannot tell you what to do, I am merely 
advising. However, I will not advise on a route I feel is incorrect 
(doesn't mean others won't help - so if others can help please speak up).

> In other words we have to fix two problems.
> The stylesheet and XInlcude.

If we fix the stylesheet it is fixed for *all* use cases. This is much 
more efficient than hacking a solution for docbook alone.

As for XInclude others are using that without a problem. This doesn't 
mean there isn't a problem with it but we can't fix it unless you 
provide the examples of problem cases.

> It has been indicated by other devs that with small amount of tuning we can 
> accept and output XHTML.

I never saw such a post, I suggest you dig it out of the archives and 
post a direct question on this list quoting that text - it may make the 
penny drop for me.

> Ross, I thank you for your efforts, but I must have a full solution. I have 
> three choices. Stick with Forrest, find another solution, or build a new 
> implimentation based on Cocoon that will serve only Docbook.
> I need to think about it, but my gut says I'm gonna set set some time aside 
> and pull the current forrest apart. Strip it and build it around Docbook. I 
> don't want to waste any more of your time on this. If I find a solution that 
> uses forrest, I will make it available to the community.

OK, I'll shut up and the other devs can help you.


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