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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept donation of IMSManifest plugin
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 02:26:18 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>Dave Brondsema wrote:
>>>Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>>As I have mentioned numerous times before, I have a plugin that 
>>>>replaces  site.xml and tabs.xml with an IMSManifest file. This is a 
>>>>standard format file for Learning Objects, but is also very useful for 
>>>>more general content objects.
>>>My only concern is that it would end up unmaintained.  I am not familiar 
>>>with IMSManifests or Learning Objects, and it seems that it is not a 
>>>very common tool (yet).  I don't know of anybody here besides you, Ross, 
>>>that could support it.
>>It may not be a common tool in your environment, but trust me it is a 
>>*very* common tool in the world of Learning Objects (or Content Packages 
>>as many prefer to call them since any kind of training material such as 
>>documentation can be stored within them). Take a look at any commercial 
>>Virtual Learning Environment and it will support the IMS standards, of 
>>course the Open Source ones support it to0 (see, 
>> for three of the most 
>>commonly found products).

Okay :-)  We use BlackBoard here at Calvin College.  It isn't the 
greatest software, but I'll have to look in to this Learning Object 
stuff some more.

>>These tools are in use in most Universities and many schools/colleges 
>>across the world. All can export their content using the IMS standards.
>>When exported these Learning Objects  are often stored in repositories 
>>of such objects for re-use across different domains. This reuse stuff is 
>>not that widely spread as yet, but it is growing in importance daily.
>>This plugin is the first step towards making Forrest able to access such 
>>repositories. It is my belief that this plugin will entice new 
>>developers and users to Forrest. Those developers will assist with the 
>>support of the IMSManifest plugin.
> I did hear someone else on the list express interest
> already, when they realised that it would help with
> learning objects. That is a good point about attracting
> new developers from that community.
>>I am committed to supporting it 100% as are the other members of the 
>>originating project - although that is not a large community. However, I 
>>do accept your point that at this point in time, there is only me. 
>>Fortunately, with the new plugin functionality it really doesn't matter 
>>if I keep it within the Burrokeet project or bring it here, it will be 
>>available to Forrest users and devs either way.
>>If others share your concern, or do not feel this is in keeping with 
>>Forrests goals I won't be offended, I'm just asking if it is something 
>>useful here.
> It is definitely in scope for Forrest.
> Support for all of our code is a valid concern.
> Perhaps we should give all such things a chance here.
> We could continually monitor the health of plugins
> and if they don't get attention, then deprecate them.
> The code would still be in our SVN history if someone
> later wanted to resurrect them elsewhere.

Yeah, if we did this I think it'd be fine.  I'm just remembering recent 
times when skins were unmaintained.  I'm not saying it'll happen for 
IMSManifest, but it'll happen with some plugins for sure.

> Incorporating the plugin documentation into our website
> would be key to giving plugins a fair go to gather
> community.

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