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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject [VOTE] Accept donation of IMSManifest plugin
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 22:37:23 GMT
As I have mentioned numerous times before, I have a plugin that replaces 
  site.xml and tabs.xml with an IMSManifest file. This is a standard 
format file for Learning Objects, but is also very useful for more 
general content objects.

The benefits of using this plugin are:

- tools available for editing

- allows content generated by Forrest to be imported into standards 
compliant Learning Management systems (doesn't work out of the box with 
this plugin, but is working in the donor project - this will be ported 
to this plugin when time allows or when someone elses itch is strong 
enough to move it from our CVS to this plugin)

- defacto standard

The disadvantages are:

- not easily edited (tools needed)

Future direction:

This plugin forms the first stage of enabling Learning Objects to be 
imported into Forrest sites.


The plugin can be examined by adding XMLManifest to the 
project.required.plugins property, a sample site using this plugin is 
available in the docs section of the plugin (download from 

A more complete demo site is available from

This code was developed as part of the project 
( ) and is currently licensed under the MIT 
license. I am the copyright holder and will assign such copyrights to 
Apache as usual.

If Forrest would prefer I am happy to house this plugin at the Burrokeet 
project site (on Sourceforge).


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