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From "Stefano Mancarella" <>
Subject Alignment problem with pelt, tables and IE
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 11:53:25 GMT
[Topic moved here from the user list]

Scherler, Thorsten wrote:
> Coming back to the IE6 bug like I stated I cannot really test anything
> here. I will be back home on sunday and will work on a fix. In the
> meantime here is what I would try:
> 1) add to .ForrestTable
> float:left;

Makes the table disappear in IE.
Removes the table bottom margin in Mozilla.

> 2) add to #content
> position: relative;

Does nothing in both IE and Mozilla.

> 3) play around with this attributes ...

I'm trying.
I've found that setting:
#content .ForrestTable {width: 99%;}
makes it work as long as the whole table fits in the page (i.e. no 
horizontal scroll bar is shown), otherwise it goes below the menu again.
I know it's not a fix, but it could help to identify the cause of the 
Note that images have a similar problem: as long as they fit in the page 
  everything is ok. If they don't, they go below the menu too.
All the above applies to IE only, obviously.

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