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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: [RT] Including Plugin documentation in Forrest website
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 17:24:48 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Background
> ==========
> Way back in February I described a use case for building sites from 
> other sites. Nicola Ken joined the discussion saying he had a similar 
> need for the Incubator site. Now the issue seems to have arisen again 
> with the possible use of Forrest as an Apache wide publishing system.
> The original thread starts at 
> Nicola jumps in here 
> (which 
> is where it starts to get focused, as usual ;-)
> Why Now?
> ========
> The need for this functionality is now upon Forrest itself. With the 
> creation of plugins it is now necessary to provide information on the 
> Forrest site about the available plugins.
> We could maintain a list of plugins within src/documentation, but this 
> is wasteful as each plugin should come with its own documentation and 
> examples, so why duplicate effort? In addition it is hoped that other 
> projects will develop plugins for Forrest. We need a technique that 
> means we can automatically include details about their plugins on our 
> site without the need to maintain them ourselves.

If we just want a simple page listing the available plugins and their 
descriptions, we can pull the info from plugins.xml and do a 
transformation to document-v13.  This would be much like what we can do 
for integrating an RSS feed although the transformation details would be 
(off-topic: we should probably make the plugins.xml DTD external)

For full documentation pages of plugins that come available with 
forrest, I think we can just document those using regular pages as part 
of forrest's normal documentation.

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