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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Docbook as forrest-plugin
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 14:15:50 GMT
Sean Wheller wrote:
> On Wednesday 27 October 2004 15:06, Ross Gardler wrote:

>>>Thinking vertical. Another method, is to transform XHTML2FO. There are a
>>>few of these emerging. I have not tested any.
>>This is *exactly* what we have been saying all along...
>>First by me (in the context of this thread - not in terms of originating
>>Then by Dave (I think, can't find the post in the archive)
>>Then by Nicola Ken:
>>And in multiple points throughout this thread (note to self - I must
>>find a way of explaining this much more clearly)
> Yes and no. Everybody wanted to transform an internal intermediate format 
> (ApacheDocV), or did I not understand?

Lets check there is no misunderstanding - from Nicola Kens post (linked 

--- start quote ---

we want Forrest to have a
*single* intermediate format to which all source formats - directly *or*
indirectly - are to be transformed, and from which all output formats
are generated.



    myFormat -->  XHTML ------------>  - XHTML2 ---> HTML
    myformat2 -> DocBook -> XHTML --> /          \---> PDF
    POD -------> DocBook ----------->/            \--> POD
    HTML ------> XHTML ------------->
                                       Look here
--- end quote ---

(I added the look here arrow to make sure the important bit is obvious)

As long as this diagram represents what you are argeeing to we have a go 


> The intention is to move to XHTML2.0. For now support of XHTML1.0 gives us a 
> step in that direction. When we implement XHTML1.0 we will have this as the 
> "internal format" or "intermediate format."

If you mean a "step in that direction" in the sense of the diagram above 
I agree. That is XHTML2 is the intermediate format not XHTML1 (it is a 
big job to change the intermediate format, we don't want to have to do 
it twice).

> someformat -> XHTML -> "HTML | POD | PDF | .......| ......"

To be clear, XHTML in the above is XHTML*2* not XHTML*1*. If only XHTML1 
is available from the formats community then we have:

someformat -> XHTML1 -> XHTML2 -> skinned XHTML | POD | PDF | .......

>>>I think this will be the most direct method to achieving the common
>>>result Forrest demands. However, I would like to retain the ability to
>>>switch this default off, especially if the whole site uses Docbook, DITA,
>>>or TEI.
>>Configurability is good.
>>Does this mean we have reached an agreement :-))
> <nodding/>Yep, yep, yep.</nodding>
> If you like the description of terms above. :-)

Are you still nodding?


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