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From Rick Tessner <>
Subject Re: Docbook as forrest-plugin
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 00:52:58 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Rick Tessner wrote:
>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>> Have you read the past threads on what to use as an intermediate 
>>> format? There was much discussion about using Docbook. If the 
>>> arguments against Docbook in those threads have since been addressed 
>>> then now is a good time to reconsider this point of view. However, I 
>>> don't think the situation has changed any.
>> Fair enough.  I'll go take a look. :)
> I thought I'd help out, here is one important thread:
> This thread is over 2 years old and argues for DocumentV20. Forrest has 
> moved on since then and we seem to have hit the limitations of that 
> format. In the meantime XHTML2 has come along, hence we plan to move to 
> that.

Thanks Ross.  I have to agree with the points made in that thread (and 
other threads as well).  It mirrors my own experience with Docbook.

It makes much more sense to keep Docbook as a plugin for the folk who 
need the complexity of what it provides.

Since the Docbook stylesheets will eventually (if not already) generate 
XHTML, our intended intermediate format, the integration of Docbook as a 
plugin using the Docbook stylesheets should be straighforward.

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