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From Frédéric Glorieux <>
Subject Re: How do I create Forrest:* styles?
Date Sat, 23 Oct 2004 19:52:13 GMT

> My offer of Burrokeet having the Burrokeet team provide the support for 
> Open Office because we can carry the extra burden of dealing with the 
> problems it may cause. However, as I said in the original mail (which 
> has now been cut), I would have thought a sub project here within 
> Forrest would be better as it is a much more active community and would 
> still have the effect of making any such problems separate from Forrest 
> itself..


I have offered an SXWGenerator to cocoon, and we have also some 
experience about OOo Writer docs handling. What I can say is.... have 
Forrest XSLTs experience of real world files ? Nothing incredible, but 
if you want to share experience, we've got owr own job for xhtml, 
docbook, txt, TEI, one format more will probably not be a too big problem.

I would be glad to join a forrest/cocoon team focused on OOo, and Lenya 
seems also need the same.


Frédéric Glorieux (ingénieur documentaire, AJLSM)

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