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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Update of FOrrest website
Date Sat, 23 Oct 2004 04:05:43 GMT
I have been patiently waiting for the Forrest website to be updated by 
the scripts I thought were in place. Since it hasn't happened I did a 
little digging and found a thread that explains the process ( )

 From this thread I see that it is only updated from the site module in 
SVN, we have to manually update that module from trunk (I can see the 
logic there).

So I followed the instructions in the above thread. When I cam to the 
"svn diff" part I was surprised to see a large number of files in site 
that are not in my local build. I figured this are old documents no 
longer used but not deleted from SVN, but there are also a few documents 
not in site, but that are actually published (e.g. skins.skins.xml).

Long story short, I am thoroughly confused.

I *think* my local build is fine and that the missing files can be 
added, but I'm not 100% sure. Perhaps someone could take a look and tell 
me if I'm being over cautious.

In the meantime I have manually copied the plugins/plugins.xml file that 
is needed by the plugin functionality over to /www, thus plugins now 
will now be downloaded automatically. Not much good without some example 
sites, but you can get them by downloading the plugins manually and 
peeking in the zip, I will put these in SVN once we have the layout 
decided upon.


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