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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [proposal] SVN restructure for subprojects
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 14:42:59 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Dave Brondsema wrote:
> ...
>> See FOR-233 also.
>> I propose:
>> Create everything (including Forrest itself) as a subdirectory of our 
>> existing
>> "forrest".  
> ...
>> It would look like this:
>> forrest/
>>   site/ (unchanged)
>>   dist/ (unchanged)
>>   forrest/ (pushed down)


> I would see this as easier to use and maintain (given cheap copies):
> forrest/
>   branches/**
>   tags/**
>   trunk/
>     bin/
>     site/
>     dist/
>     forrestcore/
>     forrestbot/
>     forrestbar/
>     forresteclipse/
>     forrestxxe/
>     forrestplugins/
>      DocBook4.3/

This feels better somehow, at the very least we should use these names 
for the reasons Nicola Ken puts forward. The only (minor) drawback I see 
is the length of the URLS for checkouts etc.

> Notice the 'bin' directory where users would think of finding it, as a 
> single thing to add to the system path variable. the trunk would become 
> the new FORREST_HOME

+1 it may be a small point but it is an important one, I know of a 
number of people who have been bitten by this (even though it is documented)

> Also, this would mean that we have to rethink our build system.
>  - Please no flame wars -
> As I see it we have two options: Ant and Maven.


> Other than this, I'm really open to any sensible technical comment on 
> this, along with proposals in helping out.

I know very little of Maven. I understand what it is doing, but I am 
also aware of many of the "discussions" it generates that seem to end up 
  arguments. Therefore, I will say nothing other than I cannot help with 
setting up a Maven build system (but of course I will help maintain it 
if that is the way we go).

One thing does occur to me though. Maven is quite widely used and if we 
use it ourselves I am sure we will find more motivation for integrating 
Forrest into it. This could expand the user base of Forrest.


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