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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: AW: Plugins in SVN
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 12:26:50 GMT wrote:
>  > > The question is where to put them. Here are the options I
>  > have though of:
>  > >
>  > > - a new module "plugins" with subdirectories for each of the plugins
>  > > - a new module for each plugin "IMSManifest_plugin",
>  > "feeder_plugin" etc.
>  > > - in scratchpad until we think of something better
>  > > - ????
> I think b) "one plugin per module" would be better to handle.
> You can checkout one plugin. You have access control per plugin,
> independent release cycles, ...

Does the fact you can checkout individual portions of tree deal with 
your "checkout one plugin" issue?

Access control per plugin is a good point, but at this stage I imagine 
all Forrest committers will get write access to all plugins. That could 
change in the future (and equally likely we may want to give write 
access to a plugin but not to Forrest). However, there is considerable 
work in managing this access control etc. and at this stage I would 
imagine we would stick to across the board committer access.

Also don't forget that plugins need not be hosted here at Forrest, they 
can be hosted elsewhere too, with independent access control and 
committer rights (even licenses)

Independent release cycles are still possible with one folder per plugin 
in a plugins module if each plugin has its own build file. In fact this 
would seem like a good argument for one module, multiple sub 
directories. We can then provide a module build file that will build all 
plugins in one command, or we can go into an individual plugin dir and 
just build that one.


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